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Why Cattin Watch Sàrl ?

Today, a watch is like a discreet business card. It is the symbol of a status, a group or a personality trait.

We wear a mechanical chronograph for the office, a multifunctional sports watch when we go out or an elegant watch in evening festivites. But which of these situations represent your brand ? Cattin Watch Sàrl has become a master in the realization of all the necessary steps to make your vision into a unique timepiece.

The final product has an irreproachable reliability with deliveries in time and at competitive prices.

In short, your unique timepiece, in premium Swiss Made quality.

Since 1858

Founded in 1858,Cattin Watch Sàrl is the only Swiss watch manufacturer that has been owned and directly managed by the Cattin family since its inception. Its origins go back to the 18th century to Georges Ignace Cattin, a farmer and master watchmaker, born in 1785. For more than 160 years, the family business has continued to develop and produce Swiss quality watches.

Cattin Watch Sàrl's extensive know-how in the field of watches, their development as well as their sophisticated production is deeply rooted in its family heritage: the watchmaking art of the Swiss Jura Canton, its "Paysans Horlogers". It is the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

1st generation Georges Ignace Cattin, born in 1785
2nd generation Constant Cattin, born in 1818 and founder of Cattin Watch Sàrl in 1858
3rd generation Numa Cattin, born in 1861
4th generation Armand and Maurice Cattin, born in 1885 and 1887
5th generation Guy Cattin, born in 1932
6th generation Guy Albert Cattin, born in 1961, current owner

Swiss quality.

We prioritize flexibility as well as your needs. We have built an excellent reputation in the production of quality watches for several renowned watch brands. 

In such a specialized and competitive field, the commitment and creativity deployed by our company at the service of the individual desires of each customer – in order to best translate the ideas of the creator in the series production – are essential arguments to convince you to use our services. Thanks to this unique service, savvy companies have been able not only to lower their production costs, but also to improve their quality/price ratio in the face of competition.

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